#173 – An Interview with Jeri Ellsworth – Intense Illusion Introduction


Jeri & Technical Illusions

Welcome back, Jeri! Now part of a Kickstarter Funded company, Technical Illusions.

  • If you didn’t see the Kickstarter or the updates, the CastAR was funded for over $1M
  • Really the discussion was broken down into three parts (with rough time stamps):
    • The mechanics of a Kickstarter campaign (0:00 through 30:00)
    • The technical side of getting the CastAR built (30:00 through 70:00)
    • The realities of getting outside funding and heading to China to get stuff made (70:00-90:00)
  • If we’re missing any critical links, please let us know in the comments.
  • If you think you might be a good fit (or a unicorn) for working at Technical Illusions, send Jeri and email at jeri@technicalillusions.com

Thanks to karmacappa for the picture of the Technical Illusions team


  1. says

    Won’t you loose sound by using the headphone jack for IO? I guess you could transfer compressed audio by modulating the bits and then having another audio DAC on the device but that adds lot of complexity.

    And on a gaming device you can’t sacrifice audio either.

  2. Leigh says

    I’m usually a bit lukewarm on guests and would rather listen to you two natter for an hour, but Jeri really *is* interesting, has done loads, but doesn’t hog the airwaves. This is one I actually could/would have listened to for three hours.