#182 – Manufacturing By Wire And Skipping Testing – Calefacient Cuculine Cash



Thanks to Alpha for the picture of the cuckoo clocks


  1. e90680 says

    The networking, ‘internet of things’ portion of Nest isn’t anything new..

    The Koubachi plant sensor was around before Nest, and also uses an AP/Ad-hoc network to configure itself the first time.

    I guess gambling 3billion that this takes off and leads to bigger and better things is what Google is counting on.

  2. Daniel says

    Yeeessssssss!!!!!!!, google acquisition of Nest is a money laundry operation. Can’t be other thing.
    I was so relieved when Dave said that, and not my personal conspiranoia.
    Some taxes and creative accounting has to be going on, suppose you save 10% in taxes on the 3 billion putting it as corporate fusion/acquisition instead of pure profit -> you save 300 million; you give 10% of it = 30 million to Nest people and done!!!; you have saved 270 million and introduce to money back in US legally tax-free!!!!
    Where that money comes from?: here->

    Ok, I don’t know shit about economy, or money laundry operations; just my personal-whitout proof- opinion. But it seems to me more plausible than the official history.