#186 – Someone is watching…we think – Horme Hostility Hypochondriac


Peering Lacey

Thanks to Jackie Sutherland for the picture of the creeper cat


  1. says

    I completely agree with Dave with respect to the Element 14 issue. Chris, your comparison to the Chinese internet is a different situation.

    For your example its the Chinese government preventing the “importation” so to speak of web traffic into their country.

    In Dave’s situation it is a non-US company in a non-US country dealing with parts made in non-US regions, yet being bound by US related agreements.

    If we take try to apply the internet censorship example to this we would get something like the following: If I want to make a website hosted in Canada and be able to serve it to my fellow Canadians located in Canada I need to ask China’s permission.

  2. SeanB says

    Not surprising on the mail cost, as international mail is essentially mostly free for the sending country as the recipient country bears the cost of the delivery. Part of the international postal agreements.You pay for receiving international mail as part of the cost of the regular mail postage. There might be fees and customs duties in the recipient country, but the sender PO gets none of that.

  3. TornUp says

    Hi Chris, you said ITAR is international trade and regulation. It actually has more of a cool name! It’s actually: International Traffic in Arms Regulations

  4. Charles J Gervasi says

    I enjoyed listening to that while troubleshooting boards. An interesting show.

    • says

      Yeah, we’ve mentioned that one before. I think the only unfortunate thing would be to think that if something is in a PBS documentary that it couldn’t also be made for a feature film in Hollywood 😀