#197 – Spacing Out On Space – Dave’s Dongle Designing


Dongle Scrapyard


Thanks to Danlockton for the picture of the Dongle Scrapyard


  1. says

    Speaking of keys and dongles – one of the more interesting keys for software I used was for the early DOS version of PSpice. The “key” was a 5-1/4″ floppy disk. The security “feature” on the key-disk was a particular spot on the disk surface where the emulsion was removed. PSpice was setup to attempt to write or read from this particular sector, and would only run if it failed on this particular sector.

  2. says

    I purchased the full professional version of Eagle 5, and then purchased the upgrade to Eagle 6 when it came out. Now that they’ve announced nodelocked licensing in version 7, I’m seriously considering switching to KiCad on general principle, even though I only use Eagle on one system and I don’t pirate it.

  3. EschatologicalEngineer says

    I have been using make-up cases for my components, microcontrollers, small test gear (bus pirate, scanalogic, etc.), demo boards, fpgas, etc.. for a few years now. They work wonderfully for staying organized. Jewelry boxes may work too, maybe if you replace the spinning ballerina with something a little cooler..

    Google Image: Makeup Caboodle. Thats what I use. I have two aluminum ones that keep me organized very well and a couple black ones fake leather boxes.

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