#198 – Mike Ossmann Returns! – Planetic Portalab Packaging



Welcome again to Mike Ossmann of Great Scott Gadgets!


  1. EschatologicalEngineer says

    Chris, I love tuvan throat singing. Have you listened to Gen Dos? It is wild, industrial genre, many overtones. Huun Huur tu is also very beautiful. Try listening to Sanskrit Storams next time you work, they are filled with wonderful algorithms behind the prose and grammar. I suggest the Sri Rudram.

    Always great to hear Mike as a guest. Very excited about receiving my HackRF.

    Thanks guys!

    • EschatologicalEngineer says

      Sorry, Storams should read Stotrams / Stotra. Dropped the T on accident.

  2. Peter Mitchell says

    Hey chris, for the boost converter for the atx power supply idea, you can buy 12v -> +/-25-45v power supplies designed for putting large linear audio amps into cars, I’m sure it would be trivially easy to float one of the secondaries.