#199 – The 2014 Maker Faire Show – Traveling Technology Trangam



  • Laen set up the BringAHack dinner, it was about 120 people! Really well set up.
  • The Novena funded and as a result, Bunnie cut his hair off!
  • Jeri gave an update on the CastAR, the molds are just about ready for first shot.
  • Chris was given an MDO3000 to try out.
  • Voltset was a company at Maker Faire with a phone/tablet based DMM (the 3rd we’ve heard of)
  • Velleman is also coming out with a phone/tablet dual channel scope (with 10 MHz bw)
  • Chris loved the robotic front loader
  • The portalab is out on the road with Chris. It is all low-cost tools
  • Chris finally saw the Othermill in person. It can do 5×5 PCBs from Gerbers or EAGLE files.
  • More of a machining tool, the Carbide3D Nomad was there as well. It was developed by two hardware folks and the author of the software MeshCAM.
  • Dave has been working a live stream setup where he can send the HDMI that is captured from his various cameras and microscope.
  • Ben Heck did a new project that included Dave voice clips. Chris saw it in person.
  • Chris’s “NEVER trust the autorouter” T-shirt was popular but was given away. There will be a teespring campaign for everyone to get one.
  • Dave had never heard of Uber before, but will try it the next time he travels.

Thanks to @Noazark for the picture of Bunnie’s haircut


  1. says

    RE milling your own PCB, like with the Othermill.

    I have unfettered access to an LPFK at work.

    I order boards from Seeed studio, maybe Dirty PCBs next.

    ‘Nuff said.

  2. Sir Cut says

    -Chris, if you want to have more than two beers than you have to follow Jim Kochs advise to Esquire readers http://www.esquire.com/blogs/food-for-men/how-not-to-get-drunk

    – First time to Maker Faire and it was awesome, but I could see how some folks would say it is too big. I was there Saturday from 9:30am to 6pm and didn’t get to see everything. I spent an hour in line to see CastAR and about 15 min to try the Occulus Rift. Spent another hour to take my nephew through the learning how to solder exhibit from Radio Shack. We had a great time and look forward to next year.

    – What ever happened to Jeff Keyzer? You should probably have a reunion show with some of your past guest to see what they’ve been up to…… Thanks guys.

  3. says

    Daves fullHD streaming – cant wait for next months “OMG $1000 internet overcharge” twitter message :)

    Dave do yourself a favour and check how they count your internet connection traffic towards data cap, is it download only or both ways?
    Pathetic 4Mbit (YT minimum/default) brings it to 200GB per month for couple of hours a day.

  4. says

    I think there’s an hbo documentary about Schapelle Corby called “Ganja Queen”

    Just curious, why do you use Vimeo for your videos instead of Youtube?

  5. says

    If you have time (lol?) could you post a quick video on your portalab? I’m really interested in building one, and I’d love to start with a design that works!