#206 – An Interview with Martin Lorton – Variegated Video Vagility



Welcome, Martin Lorton! Video blogger and fellow Clevelander!

Many thanks for Martin stopping by the basement to talk to us. If you come through Cleveland you can join Martin and Chris at the Charged Conversation meetup.


  1. says

    What is the name / nature of Dave’s second youtube channel? I can barely keep up with the original eevblog channel, but I’m a glutten for punishment (as well as a huge dave fan!)

    BTW, an interesting site to see what youtube personalities are making is ‘socialblade’. I’ve always wondered what that Chang body builder guy is making, since his ads to watch his channel always seem to pop.. turns out over $500k a year!! And I bet that number reported is much lower than the actual!

  2. SleepingDragon says

    About other engineering blogs on youtube, there is lasersaber which kinda counts?

  3. rasz_pl says

    I subscribed to Jack Ganssle just after his judge bio post on hackaday. Top quality videos, im just a little sad/concerned that he endorses a scope that cant hold a proper trigger, and how hand wavy his explanation was, immaterially made me think Siglent paid good money for those videos :/

  4. says

    Local radio personality, Bill Handel, recently had a segment on making a business out of youtube , like PewDiePie, etc:


    But I’d like to know what kind of youtube (view or subscriber) numbers do you need in order to consider making it a full-time job?

    What’s the revenue model outside of youtube ads? Are we talking ads on a blog?