Be one of the first to own the Black “Keep Current” T-shirt

We’re trying out a relatively new service in town called Tee Spring, with a familiar idea behind it: We’ll be “crowd funding” the first round of t-shirts for listeners of The Amp Hour! Basically it’s just us setting a threshold we must cross in terms of commitments to t-shirts.



  • If 100 or more people purchase before the end of the campaign, it’s on! You’ll get your t-shirt in time for Hamvention or Bay Area Maker Faire! (if you’re in the US)
  • If we don’t make it, we’ll give other ways for people to buy shirts on an “on demand” basis. The low volume shirts will be roughly $10 more than the shirts offered here (dependent on shipping)
  • The campaign is set to end April 29th and you won’t be charged until we meet our goal.
  • If this campaign is successful, we’ll try similar ones in the future with other colors and graphics/ideas.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below or shoot us an email at

Click the picture above or follow this link to Tee Spring to participate in the campaign!


  1. Thomas A says

    I started to enter my information, but I stopped when it said DHL. Do you know if they will ship collect-at-service-point packages or we-come-knocking-at-your-door-when-you-are-not-home packages? Sweden, Europe.

    • says

      @Thomas A: just find someone to have it delivered to. You’ll need that drop-off point when you buy electronics parts anyway :)
      Shipping to Europe was less then 4€ on my order. Nice!

      • Thomas A says

        Got a reply from teespring for delivery to Sweden Europe. Hoping that it still will be postal mail in Sweden :-) :

        Hi Thomas,

        I’d be happy to help. We ship via USPS through postal mail.

        Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help,