1. kieran says

    how does mike get all that cool stuff to take apart? and does he make stuff out of the parts after? i would imagine you could make some cool electricstuff with all those things!

  2. asdf says

    More serious question: how did he fall in with the art crowd, and how much of his work is installations and the like?

  3. says

    Hey guys,

    I’m studying electronics and industry automation in Poland. I would like to ask Mike about job opportunities in London for engineers like me.

  4. says

    Most of Mike’s contracts seem to be related to art or architectural installations. How did he get into this area or work?

    I’m scratching around for work here in my part of the UK (Yorkshire) and the only field that I have observed to be growing is art. Here, you can’t get any help if you want to run an engineering business, but artists are getting newly built subsidised premises and grants to do their thing. Any ideas how I might get into this area of work?

  5. JD says

    During a service or teardown of larger stuff, do you sometimes find unexpected things? E.g.: wildlife, unidentified goop, money?

  6. The FBI says

    Hello Mike, and thanks a lot for making and sharing your brilliant videos. My question is, do you have a formal education in electronics or are you self-taught? It seems to me you have a bit of both, given the depth and breadth of your insight – which is part of what makes your videos interesting to watch I think.

    Also, were you employed somewhere before White Wing (which I’m guessing is your one man show)? Any advice on making the transition to working as an independent consultant?

  7. Habla says

    Some of your projects seem to be quite advanced, like the high speed camera. How do you collect all the information needed to complete so big projects, and how do you find the time and presence of mind to complete them?