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Please use these links and code snippets to link back to The Amp Hour on your site! We always appreciate it! And please let us know when you do link back and we’ll try to give you a shoutout “on the air”! 600×600 Image To Link Back To The Amp Hour This image is slightly […]


Reach over 6000 pairs of earballs each and every week. Our audience is comprised of some of the most passionate electronics hobbyists and professionals in the world. Not only that, but a non-banner-ad medium has a much higher effectiveness than a banner ad. Don’t believe me? Just check out these statistics. The Amp Hour is […]


The Amp Hour is a show that Chris and Dave do for fun. We love being able to chat once a week and that people actually want to hear what we have to say after the fact. Getting to talk to each other, industry experts as guests and all of our listeners (by email or […]