Reach over 6000 pairs of earballs each and every week. Our audience is comprised of some of the most passionate electronics hobbyists and professionals in the world. Not only that, but a non-banner-ad medium has a much higher effectiveness than a banner ad. Don’t believe me? Just check out these statistics.

The Amp Hour is now accepting advertising for all future shows. This includes on-air spots about your product, read by Chris and Dave. 1st person analysis, optional analytics and feedback from our listener base on how to improve your product. Please email with inquiries.



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Since we’re sure you’d love to know, we have lots of stats on our listeners and downloads (nothing creepy, don’t worry). They come from all over the world and range in experience levels.

Listener Map

Our downloads are regular but usually follow our release schedule on Monday evenings. This also helps show the difference between automatic downloads (from podcatching type devices) and people that check the site to see if there is a new episode available.


Each show has a very long tail. This is because of many listeners who go back and listen to old episodes or those who are working their way forward in time, starting from the first episode. What this means for advertisers is that your message will be spread for many years to come. We do not use dynamic ad insertion so your ad will be embedded with all shows.

Single Show Long Tail

This shows the distribution of listeners/downloads, as taken in February 2013. The long tail is also evident here and shows that older shows still get 50+ listeners per month.

Latest Show Stats Februrary 2013

And finally, our top shows of all time, as taken in January 2013 (more to come, we’re sure!). This does not include statistics from some of our oldest shows, as we were on a different stats system initially. However, it gives insight into who were popular guests and how many people have listened to shows.

Top Shows January 2013If you have any questions, or would like to talk more about advertising, please let us know!