The Amp Hour is a show that Chris and Dave do for fun. We love being able to chat once a week and that people actually want to hear what we have to say after the fact. Getting to talk to each other, industry experts as guests and all of our listeners (by email or in the comments section) gives us lots of enjoyment. We have time to give and hopefully it shows in what we’re able to produce for you. Whether you’re listening in the car, at the gym or while soldering at your bench, hopefully you find at least part of every show to be enjoyable and educational.

While we have time and effort to give to the show, we have limited monetary resources to donate. We do not get any payment from doing the show, nor do we expect it. However, we do have some expenses and we would love to be able to offer even more for you, the listener, in terms of upgraded servers and other features like transcribed shows. We have lots of ideas about what we can do to make the show better, but limited resources that gates how much of this can be done.

So we decided to give the option for our listeners to support the show through a recurring donation. As of this writing, we have about 2500 regular listeners. We hope to expand the show so there are even more in the future. We think that if even a small number of you can help, it will allow us to expand our operation and produce more content for you in a faster manner. Again, contributions will only fund show expenses and Dave and I will not take any kind of personal money from the fund.

So we have 5 different set levels of donation available for you, ranging from $1 to $20 per month. We also are allowing custom, one time donations if that is how you prefer to donate. We appreciate anything and everything you decide to give. While this donation is not tax deductible (in the US or otherwise), it is another form of feedback for the show. If you don’t like what we’re doing or the direction we’re going, you have the power of the purse! You giveth and you can taketh away (though hopefully you’ll also say why you’re taking away!).

So, if the mood strikes you and you get value from The Amp Hour, please help us out. With the lowest donation level amounting to roughly $0.25 per show, hopefully there’s at least one level you find suits your fancy. Thanks for helping out!

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