Malware Issues

Hey Folks,

We’ve been having some reports of malware on for the past few days. We have been trying to clean it up as it pops up, but it seems there is a much more pervasive issue which we’re having some experts look into. In the mean time, if this post morphs into a download link or if the site looks squirrely, please run away as fast as you can. I hope we’ll have it resolved by tomorrow (that’s when you should run back!). Thanks for understanding!

~The Amp Hour nerds (who are most obviously not IT nerds)


  1. says

    Hey Chris, have you looked into Squarespace? I went with them after hearing their advertisements on other podcasts and it is just as easy as they claim. No messing with servers or WordPress. The editor is in the browser too.

    • says

      Yes, I’ve heard that from others too. To be honest, I prefer the portability to other servers should this one not work out (as it had in the past). The security exploits suck but it would suck more if we were locked into a platform.

  2. EschatologicalEngineer says

    I’m glad to see that your doing something about this. I wasn’t sure if you didn’t see my post about this on Feb 25ths show notes because no one replied to my warning. But good on you mate. Fully.