#144 – An Interview with Bob Davidson – Hoodied HP Hijinks

Bob Davidson
For those interested, there is now a transcript available of Episode 144

Welcome, Bob Davidson of Ambient Sensors!

Thanks again to Bob for being on the show! We’re excited to see what he works on next!


    • says

      Ditto, maybe we were all brought here by aliens :-)

      Even more than your career Alan, Bob’s really mirrored mine except I was at IBM while he was at HP. My other job offer was at HP Palo Alto while Bob was working there (graduated in ’81) working on test equipment – apparently what would someday become Agilent. The IBM offer was too tempting because I was going to be working on cutting edge mainframes that sold for millions. In some ways, I would have rather worked on the test equipment, hi, hi.

  1. BeanerSA says

    Another awesome guest. Thanks.

    I think this was one of the funniest shows I’ve ever heard on TAH.

    Looking forward to Jeri.