#149 – An Interview with Laen – Purple PCB Philosophy


Welcome, Laen of OSHpark.com!

OSHPark_Full_Finished_PanelNow that…is artwork!

  • A standard PCB panel is 18″ x 24″.
  • Dave has done videos before about piecing together panels and getting them fabbed:
  • OSHPark is hiring! Send Laen an email at Laen@oshpark.com if you’re interested in helping.

Thanks to Laen for being on the show and providing all the awesome info and images! We highly recommend people go check out the service and upload a board today!

If you’re interested in the “sponsor” this week, check out ContextualElectronics.com


  1. David Bley says

    I enjoyed this episode of Amp Hour. Thanks for the heads-up on KiCAD drill. I have not run into this problem. Maybe my board house (mostly Imagineering) found and fixed it without letting me know. I have used many different board layout packages, including Altium/Protel and find that KiCAD is eminently usable. Protel used to have a free PCB layout package. It was DOS based, without schematic capture and was named Easytrax.

  2. Julyah says

    Forgot to mention, saw an Amp Hour t-shirt at Seattle’s Mini Maker Faire. Turns out it was Jeff Keyzer!