#156 – Tesla, FPGAs and DigiKey – Zesty Zippy Zynq


Sinclair C5 Poncho

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Next week, we’ll have the entire Sparkfun Engineering Team on the show. Get your questions in for them now. It should be pandemonium!



  1. David Bley says

    I’ve wasted another hour listening to 156 :-)

    Saw Dave’s video of his ride on Sinclair C5. With new motor and up-to-date battery technology and controls this could be a screamer. Have you seen electric Benz? > 700 hp!

    I would like to give a supporting vote for the Digi-Key website. I found it easy to use and quite productive. You should compare it to any retail hardware store.

    Chris – Have you given up on cutting aluminium (make sure I pronounced that correctly. Dave may not have a voice for radio but he may have a face for radio – It’s a joke son, I say a joke.)

    I tried to look at the Ford sheet metal prototyping machine, but the link was broken.

    You’all need to start a kick-starter to get Dave to the land of Netflix.

    • says

      Haven’t given up, just prioritizing Contextual Electronics. Once I get that sorted, I plan to jump back in. Lots of things I want to be making.

  2. says

    I don’t think Sir Clive Sinclair would be a very good fit for the show to be honest. It was only in the very early years of tiny portable transistor radios and amplifiers that he did the engineering. After that he became a master of marketing and showmanship, with all that entails. Now, if you could get one of the designers of the ZX80/81/Spectrum or QL on, that would be a different matter! Probably best to have them on when Chris is away one week though.

  3. Craig says

    Chris, how can learn more about your CLE-area meetups? Do you think you’ll set up something formal on meetup.com? Or just keep an eye on your twitter feed?