#159 – Interview with Eric Ries – Transorted Testing Tachydidaxy



Welcome, Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup!

Many thanks to Eric for taking some time to chat with us about how the field of entrepreneurship is changing and how that might impact innovation in general. It was great to speak with him and learn more about The Lean Startup!


  1. Rafael says

    Most interesting interview! Really awesome topics touched by Eric. Regarding the radio/no-radio discussion, that made me remember one recent experience as a user. For a long time I was a subscriber of a paid TV provider and was a bit peeved that their a receiver did not have a clock (just like the typical VCR clock). After switching to another provider (due to other reasons), I gladly found their receiver has a clock, which adds to the list of things I disliked about the previous provider. Although this is only a minor detail, it shows how very minor features can be perceived differently by different people – either this or the other receiver never went through an user acceptance testing.

  2. Pieter says

    Awesome podcast! Very refreshing to hear someone think completely out of the box on methodologies. As well as resisting change, many companies (and people) today blindly follow this or the other methodology because they perceive it as a recipe for success. If the project fails, no one can blame them, at least they followed the methodology so it must be something else. A great lesson that we must continue to evaluate the way we work and not get too comfortable with “proven” methodologies…

  3. says

    Lovely chap, but I’m afraid it is a reminder of why I became (and stayed) an engineer rather than going down the much more profitable and socially mobile route of MBA and Management. I’m afraid my brain just zones out when another consultant tells me how wonderfully successful they have been though using their own miraculous system.

    Like I say, lovely chap, but can we stick to engineering please?

    • says

      Yup! Eric is as MBA-y as we’ll go on The Amp Hour, and I think you’ll agree he wasn’t that far. In fact, I would argue he’s really improving the whole field by promoting discovery and data driven feedback vs the normal rah-rah “leadership” crap most management consultants promote.